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Abdullah Bertin

born in 1989 in Maras, Turkey is an actor, director and painter based
in Basel. After studying in Berlin, he joined the Tiny House movement, which brought him to long-term performances on the themes of "Living" and "Nomadic Theatre". As a curator, he staged Tiny House "Villages" and festivals. In his work, he processes the themes of spirituality, authenticity and identity in documentary films and images.
Back in Basel since 2019, he flirts with all art movements and yet he is married to painting as he says. Figures and archetypes can be discovered in his paintings, inspired by everyday life as well as memories and visions. In this way, each painting becomes a moment from a story that the painter and the viewer can tell each other in dialogue. His precisely staged actions serve as a technique for him to work with colour and form. He does not try to find answers and solutions at all, but triggers a new puzzle with each approach and uses the search movement as fuel for further paintings.
Painting moves him to new ways of dealing with abstract thinking and it helps him to give free rein to the boundless imagination of
his pictorial world.

Abdullah Bertin



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