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Acqua e Sale

Tiffany Goldstein is a young, self-taught painter based in Geneva.
Her artist's name, Acqua e Sale, alludes to the influence of the Italian culture in which she was raised. Growing up in an environment filled with strong, proud women, she adopted the role of an observer, almost an admirer of these female figures.
The bodies she portrays, with their generous curves that sometimes transcend anatomical norms, convey emotions that she could sense in her elders even before fully understanding them. Love, nostalgia, the relationship with oneself, and one's reflection were all emotions she found in these bodies that couldn't be contained.
Today, it's her turn to experience womanhood, a concept in constant evolution. Through her art, she aims to decipher her own place in this ongoing journey, creating a visual dialogue that encourages the viewer to contemplate the infinite nuances of feminine identity and personal growth.

Acqua e Sale


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