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Adrien Schryve

Adrien was born in France in 1987. With his move to Switzerland in 2012 he engaged in his first art projects. Since 2015 he lives in Basel, where he is besides studying at the Hyperwerk Basel active as an installation and performance artist.
His work is influenced by the bricolage movement, in which artists use any material they can get their hands on to create a work of art. A central element of his works is that they can be touched and experienced with all the senses.
Recently, he directed his creative interest on topics as pollution and the ecological crisis with his ‘Plastic Age Project’ that uses different materials found in the street of Basel to create precious stones.
An overarching theme in his current work is our collective legacy that we leave to future civilizations. He explores how we might better manage our waste and looks to the future, imagining that future generations might talk about our heritage as we do today about the Stone Age.

Adrien Schryve



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