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Anastasia Rydlevskaya

is an artist from Belarus who, fleeing repression and the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, found her asylum in Gdańsk. Art is for her the highest form of existence and the last hope. It reaches for the most intense emotions, universal feelings and sensations. She always knew she was going to be an artist; however, instead of completing her studies in art, she became a specialist in French literature. Her work shows a fascination with the power of stories, multi-layered metaphors and narratives rooted in European philosophy. When asked about what it means for her to be a young Belarusian woman working in Poland, she replies: “Everything I go through has its dimension in my art. However, I try to make my art non-binary, to cross borders and to be humanistic. There are two dimensions in which I create: my personal approach and my willingness to relate it to all people around the world. After all, we all share the same desire - the desire for happiness ”
Her surreal, often dark images feature three permanent motifs: crying flowers, blue tigers and lions, multi-headed chimeras ... Crying flowers is a reference to Blaise Pascal's "thinking reed". “It's just a flower, but it has a seeing eye that is always open and therefore feels like a thinking being. He can only look, but he does not look away, ”says the artist. After moving to Gdańsk, she discovered that the city has two lions in its coat of arms ... In heraldry, a synonym for royal strength, in Rydlevska's work, blue lions, made of crying tears, are a metaphor for suffering. On the other hand, the tiger is a symbol of energy that leads to change. "This energy is like the sun," claims the artist, "you cannot say that the sun is too hot, it is beyond morality."

Anastasia Rydlevskaya


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