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Borbala Eszteri

Borbala is most known for her loosely abstracted figurative works, which include the use of oil paint, oil pastels, acrylic, watercolor, and ink. The combination of mediums allows Eszteri to experiment with intense and highly customized colors and effects, Bringing to life her personal experiences.
Borbala was born in Pécs, Hungary in 1993. After graduating High School in Pécs, she moved to Budapest where she attended the Forrai Art School to study fashion and design. She was working in the fashion industry for a few years after graduation. In 2019, Eszteri moved to Switzerland due to a job opportunity, where she currently resides in Kanton Zürich. Borbála did not paint on canvas until the 2020 lockdown hit. The chaotic situation during the lockdown inspired her to return to art and display her feelings on canvas. She identifies herself as a semi self-taught artist as she did not study painting, although she took drawing lessons at the fashion school where she attended. She learned and is still learning painting in a self-taught way.

Borbala Eszteri



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