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Carmela Endrizzi

Carmela Endrizzi, born with a passion for music and art, began piano and vocal lessons at the age of five. Growing up surrounded by pencils and paper, her childhood fascination with horses and sharks became artistic muses. During high school, she transformed her worksheets into sketchbooks, discovering a lasting motif: the human body, particularly the dynamic forms of the female form. After graduating in 2019, Carmela travels through France, Germany, and Ukraine. The journey, including hitchhiking adventures, immersed her in diverse experiences, highlighting human generosity and the beauty of life. Engaging in various artistic endeavors, Carmela contributed to an art magazine, creating comics and a painting accompanied by poetry. Eventually, drawn to the mountains, she settled in Interlaken. Her recent discovery of Rick Rubin's book, "kreativ. Die Kunst zu sein." likens the creative process to fishing, where the artist casts the line into the universe, uncertain about what will be caught. This metaphor resonates with Carmela, inspiring her to see familiar objects with fresh eyes and explore diverse creative paths.

Carmela Endrizzi


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