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Christian Ochsner

Christian Ochsner, born in 1978 in Basel, Switzerland, resides and works as a visual artist in Basel. He is a painter and illustrator who uses drawing and photography as significant sources for his work. A major portion of his body of work revolves around the theme of losing control in the artistic process.

After dedicating several years to creating grayscale paintings, he has now returned to producing colored landscapes. These landscapes have been a central focus of his work for over two decades, primarily in small formats. With his series "L" and "entre les choses," he continues to explore landscapes, with a particular emphasis on the painting process itself and the technique of painting over.

A prevailing theme in almost all of his work is longing. Longing serves as the primary driving force behind his creative endeavors, and it imparts a mixture of childlike melancholy that characterizes both him and his art.

Christian Ochsner



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