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Kafka Outsiderart Studios

"I was already interested in the visual arts as a child and was allowed to spend a lot of time in the museums. I never had the artistic vein you needed for painting (so I thought) until it started out of the blue sky. Unfortunately I was not allowed to enjoy a beautiful childhood and this left deep traces. When I arrived at one point that was unknown to me until then I decided to refer to my feelings, inner worlds, wishes and everything the human soul needs on paper. Put it on the screen. I then got a brush set shortly afterwards and started painting. When I started painting something happened (which I only knew from my near death experience as a child) and was immediately in the subconscious world of my soul. It was like a transcendental meditation. When I came to “to me” stood in front of me 4 canvases full of colors that I smeared on it. The result moved me so that I was mocking inside my core, which was my purpose to deal with myself in this way. After this experience I started to visit painting courses in 2017 and read into art literature. I do not want to be “grinding” institutions in art, but rather let everything be as raw and authentic as possible. Art is my way of life for me, my space where I can be myself in order to love and heal myself."

Kafka Outsiderart Studios


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