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Le Visage

Hailing from London and having lived in Paris, Mexico City, and Berlin, Le Visage is currently based in Basel. With deep roots in graffiti culture, Le Visage has seamlessly transitioned from the bustling streets of creative expression to the serene canvas of fine art. His guiding mantra, "Ask for forgiveness, not for permission," has become both a fundamental principle and an artistic creed.

Le Visage draws inspiration from topography, maps, decay, and damage. These subjects transcend mere visual elements; they serve as reflections of the capriciousness of nature and the unpredictable forces that he consistently seeks to honor. Additionally, they provide insights into humanity's innate drive to alter and transform our surroundings. His artistic technique is in a perpetual state of evolution, mirroring the ever-changing urban landscape that surrounds us.

Le Visage channels the raw energy of the streets and the unpredictable essence of aerosol into creations that are more than just paintings; they are windows into his method of processing thoughts and emotions. His canvas serves as a mirror, reflecting the continuous development of his technique. He is relentless in pushing boundaries, shifting perspectives, and nurturing artistic growth.

Le Visage


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