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Liliya Mano

Liliya Mano, born in 1989 in Ukraine's Donetsk region and now based in Switzerland, has cultivated a rich artistic journey marked by exploration and introspection. Her career spans exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, and Austria, alongside teaching experiences in Kyiv.

Delving into the intricate dynamics of duality, Mano's art scrutinizes the interplay between beauty and danger, teasing out the multifaceted nature of existence. Through meticulously selected symbols, she navigates themes of aesthetic allure, resilience, and metamorphosis, unveiling the harmonious tension inherent in contrasts.
Her creations, imbued with both visual magnetism and conceptual depth, emerge from a deeply introspective process. Personal narratives intertwine with cultural and historical threads, weaving a tapestry that invites viewers into a dialogue with universal truths.

For Mano, art transcends mere aesthetics; it becomes a quest for answers to age-old questions about beauty, power, and fragility. Each piece serves as a reflective surface for her inner universe and a portal to the external world, fostering a profound dialogue between the artist, her audience, and the timeless inquiries that bind humanity together.

Liliya Mano


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