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Maëlle Gourlan

Maëlle Gourlan (Azurasma as her Artist name) is a French & Irish textile designer, painter, experimental fashion artist and performer. Exploring the diversity of Artistic tools to reach aims: Her intention is to bring a comforting sense of well-being and peace while entering in contact with the creations. Striving for balance and harmony during the work process. She cares on the amount of fun collected while creating and how much the wearer / buyer can feel comfortable. Her wish is that the wearer feels a deeper
connexion with her/his inner femininity and inner child by empowering themselves through Art. Her use of handcrafting techniques is taking time to create in a playful and intuitive way striving for a more conscious state of making garments and Art. It is tactile, you are close to it. There is a personal bond between the
creator and it’s creation, it’s precious, a bubble, a safe space for liberation of creativity. Leading her to come closer to the intention of bringing comfort to the wearer. The quality of her design process is the use of meditation which helps focusing on the aim, value and quality of the product. A sense of memory is developed through the time spent on it building value.
The second aim is to bring the best experience to the other through the use of colors, the quality and choice of materials mainly wool, living a space for spontaneous acts through performances including the audience directly.
Azurasma is striving to reach a large community inclusive for all. Creating adaptable, comfortable clothes and
unique sizes.

Maëlle Gourlan



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