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Magda Bętkowska

born in Poland and studied artistic education in Fine Arts, Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Institute of Art Education at the Silesian University in Poland. In 2018 she completed further education in Art Therapy in Konstanz, Germany. These studies helped her return to painting after a long break. Magda "rediscovered" herself as an artist. Using different mediums such as acrylic, colored pens, and crayons allow her to choose a painting tool which mirrors the stories she wants to tell in the best possible way.
In 2018 she started to paint her "woman's world" as a therapy to overcome her own complexes and begin a path towards self-acceptance. 'I'm fascinated by the female body, because it is for me a kind of temple of wonder. I create my woman's image often with elements of nature and with relevant female notions of self-acceptance, love, and confidence" Magda says. In her painting you can see the influence from art deco or from the burlesque world. She also uses eye-catching colors as red, orange, pink, yellow to pack as much expression as possible into an image. It is her way of expressing the power and diversity of beauty in each woman.

Magda Bętkowska


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