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Matthieu Crimersmois

Matthieu, born in 1983, is a Basel and Paris-based visual and sound artist. A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nantes and Concordia University in Montreal, he pioneered the concept of ARTABLISM, fusing contemporary art with turntablism for immersive installations.

His work has been showcased in renowned exhibitions such as "Le Chant des Machines" at Gallery BS in Paris and "CCA Glasgow." Notable displays include "Galerie Michel Journiac, Université Sorbonne" and "ANTRE PEAUX" in Bourges, both curated by Veronique Verstraete and David Legrand, respectively.

Matthieu's groundbreaking contributions are featured in prominent books like "L'art sonore - Le son dans les arts plastiques contemporains" by Jean-Yves Bosseur, "L'art et la Lettre" by Audrey Dauxais, and "Philosophie et art numérique - Un monde extraterrestre" by Martine Bubb. As an influential figure at Plateforme - Paris since 2018, he actively curates group exhibitions, challenging artistic norms at the intersection of art and sound.

Matthieu Crimersmois


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