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Natacha di Nucci

Natacha, born in Basel, is a contemporary artist focused on creating works which are characteristically pure and minimalistic. Nature is the true essence of what her work is all about.
Painting and drawing have been part of her life since her youth.
Until 2008 she was self-taught and obtained her knowledge and
skills through careful observation of her environment. Driven by
the wish for more impulses from outside, new challenges and
the need to leave and extend her comfort zone, she decided
in 2015 to study Visual Art at the Visual Art School Basel.
Towards the end of the studies, the wish for a simplification and
reduction in her artistic work became more and more evident.
With her love for nature, it was obvious that she was drawn
to natural materials.
She mainly works with materials such as ink, earth pigment
and natural binders. In addition to the common brushes,
she also uses materials from nature like panicles, grasses,
and wood as her creative tools. A significant part of her creative
process is also about recycling and reusing materials.
As part of the ‘reuse’ process, she makes paper out of her
recycling paper, which she reuses in her artwork.
By creating her delicate work she is striving for inner balance
and mindfulness that she shares with her audience.

Natacha di Nucci


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