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Rachel Ougier Simonin

Rachel Ougier Simonin has painted all her life: creating is a strong part of her. What she particularly loves is the magical moment when she no longer directs the brush, but the paint equally guides her. "In the end, I become one with the painting. It is an amazing feeling when the magic happens, and a part of me ends up in the canvas" she says. She had to step out of her comfort zone to become an artist entrepreneur, as she was “just” an employee before. It also takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, to take risks and to be able to deal with the criticisms that your art triggers. «I have experienced how resilient I can be, and that it is worth trying again and again when you love what you do" says Rachel. Introvert by nature, she was also pleasantly surprised to see how many people are touched with her paintings. She has also received a lot of encouragement, good advice, and lots of laughs. “Being an artist entrepreneur gives me so much joy and energy, and makes me a richer and more authentic person,” she says with a big smile!

Rachel Ougier Simonin


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