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Rama Kalidindi

Rama is a curator and artist working with multiple media; painting, drawing, printing, installation and performance. She is living and working in Basel, Switzerland, grew-up in England with Indian
roots. In 2013, she completed her Foundation Art and Design Course at the Basel School of Design (SfG) and thereafter started a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design, at the higher school (HGK) also in Basel. After her studies, she engaged in a diverse number of art projects, working with her teachers and peers. In 2018, she joined the Haus Oslo Ateliers Artists Cooperative from which she created and managed many art exhibitions in the Basel area, with the beginnings of small inter-cultural a project in Delhi, India. The motto that she is working towards is ‘Cultivating Culture Inter-culturally’ between Basel, India and beyond. She has gained recognition and support from the city of Basel and Atelier Mondial.
Rama has had many years of experience as a computer scientist working in larger organisations and made a switch to a less hyper-capitalistic life, running solo and group art exhibitions to represent the views of one and many through her work. She is delighted to represent a multitude of perspectives with the topics that she engages in. Some of her works have been purchased by private collectors and renowned members of society, locally and internationally.

Rama Kalidindi


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