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Sonja Crone

Sonja was born in 1982 in Speyer am Rhein, currently living near Basel. She is a poet and artist and also works as an editor. She exhibited in the UK, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.
In her paintings, dark moments meet bright, warm colors, so that tensions and contradictionsbecome clear. The colors are not used in a naturalistic way, but become an expressionist means of expression. The artist seems to reach for them intuitively. The massive use of color in dense, broad brushstrokes, like ribbons, are contrasted by flowing, fine tonal transitions in the surfaces. She paints freely associating and thus creates an immediate expression. In the paintings it becomes clear that the artistic act is a well thought-out, but always at the same time deeply unconscious, impulsive expression: An inner being pushed outwards, breaks through - also in the coloring.

Sonja Crone


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