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Soraya Amini

Soraya Amini, based in Lucerne, Switzerland, with Persian and German-Austrian roots, has harboured a passion for art, dance, film, and music since her childhood. This passion led her to pursue Fine Arts (BA) at the HKB University in Berne. In her artistic endeavours, she gravitates towards the colour black and predominantly engages with images that traverse the realms of painting, drawing, photography, and film. A unique facet of her work involves integrating her enthusiasm for dance into her artistic repertoire. Amini intentionally avoids confining herself to a singular form.Nevertheless, she consistently presents her creations in a narrative fashion, emphasising aesthetics, versatility, and precision. Thematically, her works delve into personal experiences, societal issues, and her fascination with diverse perspectives of the world. Amin's art is a nuanced exploration that reflects her multifaceted interests and influences, encompassing a range of mediums and themes. Her commitment to storytelling, coupled with a keen eye for aesthetic appeal, contributes to the richness and depth of her artistic expression.

Soraya Amini



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