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Stewart Stevens

Stewart "Blanco" Stevens is a multimedia artist that comes from rural Louisiana. Raised in an ultra conservative household, his childhood was a juxtaposition of christian fanaticism and a family filled with artists. Part of a homeschooling system that would later be classified as a cult, his upbringing was filled with anxiety and fear but strangely also art and expression. He began his artist journey as a child in the theatre. He then followed it from performance to choreography to stage design. This would be where he would find his love for paint. He painted sets during the days and graffitied in the streets at nights. In Dallas, he created a scenic design company with his partner. They would go on to design for a range of clients from opera, TV, film, theatre, cooperate events, touring musicians, to the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. They created, with the help from his muse, the orphan art show where artists from all over the world would donate their work for a silent auction to benefit Honduran orphans. Strongly influenced by the works of Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski, Stewart has always been fascinated with the medium of poetry.

Stewart Stevens


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