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Tomoko Hashimoto

Tomoko is a painter and Installation artist, living and working in Chiba, Japan. In 1996 she completed Master's Degree Course, Graduate School of Tama Art University (MFA) and in 2002 she received the 17th Received the 17th Holbein Scholarship Grant. In 2003 she was selected in the 6th Art Documents Support Program by SHISEIDO, then in 2019 she was an Artist-in- Residence at Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland.
Tomoko has a many year of experience as a painter and a long portfolio of solo, group exhibitions as well and her works being part of public collections and being involved in many other illustrative works.
She creates oil paintings from motifs of nature, such as plants or rivers on huge canvases, or paints on panels which have been cut in the shape of the motif, using these to produce installations within an exhibit space.
She paints plants and rivers, plants symbolize life and rivers symbolize death. They are all connected in the same circle, reincarnation.

Tomoko Hashimoto


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