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in flow - the magic of dynamic motion


Aleksandra Cegielska

Miki Buckland

Rama Kalidindi

Roya Noorinezhad

Sibylle Laubscher

Tomoko Hashimoto

Welcome to 'in flow'; an art exhibition that invites you to explore the captivating world of dynamic motion and its profound impact on creation, sustenance and destruction. Through an amalgamation of artistic expressions, this exhibition delves into the beauty and complexity of flow - 

an energy that transcends boundaries of interruption, interjection, intersection, connection, rejection, manipulation and eradication.


In this multi-faceted showcase, artists have unleashed their creativity to capture the essence of flow's timeless nature; where there is no beginning, 

no end, no wrong nor right, no better nor worse. Fragmentation finds cohesion, obliteration regrouping, convening in a rhythmic dance of energy, unconfined and coursing through unleashed. Surging forth, amidst joy and pain, finding the inevitability of unbounded release. The art works will mesmerise you as they meander through corridors of thought, affecting body and mind, captivating every breath, through grace and fluidity.


Join us at - in flow - The Magic of Dynamic Motion - and witness the transformative power of flow as it traverses effortlessly onward. Experience 

the serenity of being part of the flow. Let your imagination soar as you embrace the artistic manifestation of life's most vital kinetic potentiality.


Curated by Aleksandra Cegielska & Rama Kalidindi​.

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Where do we go

Duilio A. Martins
Matthieu Crimersmois


The world is complex, the future uncertain. There is a lively debate about which path people should take. Among other things, there are calls for more global cooperation, individual empowerment, ecological sustainability, automation and cultural diversity. Our decisions affect the future. Artists ask where do we go? Where is the future of art and how big should the human impact be?

Duilio Amarante Martins works with photography and sculpture, both of which present unique challenges, such as the element of time. However, they also share similarities, such as the exclusion of non-essential elements. In photography, the focus is on capturing light and essence, while in sculpture, there is a consideration of how much the organic shape is preserved and how visible the artist's hand is in the final piece.

Matthieu Crimersmois presents a set of works created between 2008 and 2022.

The work explores the interplay between physical and digital art and Al. It questions the concept of success in life. How far can we go in relation to where we come from?

Usually, the public goes to art galleries or museums in a comfortable position of reception. reConvert proposes on this occasion the possibility for people to create their own art.

In this one-to-one experience, a member of the audience enters a blackbox room and meets the two performers and the Al software that will be ready to react to their commands.

JUNE 2023
The power of touch

Aleksandra Cegielska
Kaja Dobrzańska


Who wants to live, laugh, or cry alone

Have we lost the touch that means so much

Touch me now and let me know


Human touch is a critical element in shaping social relationships, emotional well-being, and physiological health. Its loss or deprivation can have profound negative effects on individuals and society. Early brain development is particularly impacted by touch, with emotional bonds between infants and caregivers being formed through touch.


The "Power of Touch" exhibition invites you to explore the impact of human touch in society. Viewers and participants will reflect on their experiences and feelings, gaining new insights and perspectives.

Aleksandra's pop-up art style delves into the intricacies of human touch on multiple levels, exploring the profound impact that it has on our lives. Her focus ranges from the significance of first and last touches to the nuances of romantic connections.

Touch is a fundamental aspect of our interactions with others, and its meaning evolves at different stages of our lives. Aleksandra's work specifically highlights the importance of loving relationships, parent-child bonds, and couples, evoking deep emotional responses from the viewer.

Around the Touch is an experience that takes one through the story of touch. Its center is an interactive sculpture, working in synergy with people discovering the theme

of conscious touch step by step. It is sensitive to proximity and warmth. Like us all, come closer - it lights up. It reacts to our presence and feeling of nearness.

mother front.png


MAY 2023

Agnieszka Kuntzmann


In order to be reborn, we must die to ourselves and the world.

Away from solution -focused therapies, and how - to spiritualities.

The path to rebirth is through letting go of old urges, released from old needs.

Now from a maiden, you became a mother, birthing the new to come. A never - ending state of becoming, in an ecosystem of others. The cycle is continuous.

Don't forget the gift of darkness, it will show you the way back, when you've once again lost the path.

Agnieszka Kuntzmann (born 1986) is a Swiss based artist of Polish origins. Her work is characterized by an interest in perception of consciousness, concept of circulation and embodiment. She sees every Self as a vehicle to another form. Metamorphosis as an autonomous and absolute act of infinite movement. She searches for this metamorphosis and often experiments with materials that are the subject of natural phenomena of transmutation, like water, salt, minerals, ashes. Her abstract and semi figurative paintings, inspired by the practice of self-awareness and connecting with nature, evoke archetypes that are buried deep in the collective subconscious.

APRIL 2023

Natalie Corman
Arlo Jake Lagmay


The artist who is not afraid to take a risk. The one who is ready to fail and grow from their failure. The one who tries and succeeds. Art is bold from the ground up.

Art is an experiment, challenging the extremities by merging the opposites.

Human and nature, masculine and feminine, blurring and contrast are used to create audacious pieces of art.

Art which is focused on color, shape and reality.

Two artists explore the idea of boldness in the month of April in Eleven Ten Studio.

Natalie Corman has created a series of colorful, bold insects. For her, nature is like religion. Fascinating, unbelievably beautiful. She points out how we, as humans, often overlook their beauty and the important role they play in the world.

Arlo Jake Lagmay, with his architecture background, explores the word "idea".

Merging abstract and figurative techniques into one cohesive piece of art.

Reminding us that opposites are what this world is made of.


MARCH 2023
Where are you from

Alba De Zanet
Borbales Eszteri

Natacha Di Nucci


We are truly living in a very unique time in the history of our civilization, facing several simultaneous challenges and converging crises:

a deteriorating environment, a very unequal distribution of dwindling resources, widespread poverty, wars, climate change, oppression of many peoples, and dissatisfaction with life even in those countries with a surplus of material wealth.

No wonder artists through their work ask existential questions:

Where are we from? Where are we going? Who are we?

All of these phrases are fundamental to how we individuall and collectively make meaning.


The answers to such questions are certainly not simple, and you will not find them here.

Artists main purpose is to create, to discover and to explore and viewer role is to interpret and draw conclusions.

Together we make a perfect whole and can grow up from now on.


Aleksandra Cegielska
Maelle Gourlan



outside IN/ inside OUT

Kafka Outsiderart Studios
Rachel Ougier Simonin




Khrystyna Bodnaruk 
Liliia Manokhina

Kateryna Ocheredko
Tetiana Ocheredko
Inna Sych
Rostislaw Tsarenko
Rymma Vinogradova



Everything is art

Aleksandra Cegielska
David Buckingham
Adrien Schryve
Dominik Schwarz


everything is artbanner2.jpg

No words needed

Juliette Lepage Boisdron
Anastasia Marfurt
Magdalena Wesolowska



Little red riding hood

Jerusa Simone
Sonja Crone


Binary - the concept of contrast

Abdullah Bertin
Magda Betkowska


JULY 2022

Aleksandra Cegielska

JUNE 2022

Aleksandra Cegielska
Ola Mysior
Anastasia Rydlevskaya


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