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Arlo Jake Lagmay, Natalie Corman

The artist who is not afraid to take a risk. The one who is ready to fail and grow from their failure. The one who tries and succeeds. Art is bold from the ground up.
Art is an experiment, challenging the extremities by merging the opposites.
Human and nature, masculine and feminine, blurring and contrast are used to create audacious pieces of art.
Art which is focused on color, shape and reality.

Two artists explore the idea of boldness in the month of April in Eleven Ten Studio.
Natalie Corman has created a series of colorful, bold insects. For her, nature is like religion. Fascinating, unbelievably beautiful. She points out how we, as humans, often overlook their beauty and the important role they play in the world.
Arlo Jake Lagmay, with his architecture background, explores the word "idea".
Merging abstract and figurative techniques into one cohesive piece of art.
Reminding us that opposites are what this world is made of.

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