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The eden of today

Liliya Mano

The exhibition The eden of today is an immersion into the artist's reflections on the modern world, which she perceives as a new Eden - a place of abundance and technological achievements. However, unlike the biblical Paradise, today's Eden is marred by losing reference points and meanings. The artist parallels Dante's allegorical journeys through hell, purgatory, and Paradise in The Divine Comedy and human's contemporary wanderings in search of identity, values, and morality. These journeys become a metaphor for the spiritual quest in an age when traditional religious and metaphysical foundations are being questioned under the influence of secularization and scientific progress.

At the heart of the exhibition The eden of today, the artist uses the image of the serpent not only as a symbol of modern temptations such as consumption and the pursuit of external glitz, but also as a profound symbol of the choices facing everyone in today's world. The snakes in her works are a reminder of the duality of every opportunity and every achievement, emphasizing that behind every choice is the potential for both creation and destruction.

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