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12 illustrations were exclusively crafted for 2024 calendar project. In this endeavor marked a departure from Aleksandra's usual medium, as she ventured into the realm of oil pastels and pencils, which she had not previously explored.

She found herself drawn to the potency of vibrant colors and the unique challenge presented by a limited palette of 12 distinct hues, a number coinciding with the 12 months of the year.


Aleksandra places the vulva at the forefront of her artistic expression.

She takes a bold stance, acknowledging that society routinely objectifies the female body, juxtaposed with the lingering astonishment provoked by her colorful depictions of vulvas. As the artist herself articulates, "I fail to comprehend why my art, which advocates gender equality, women's empowerment, and a more optimistic perspective on life, continues to surprise."


12 Vulvas by Aleksandra Cegielska

CHF 250.00Price
  • This is original drawing with oil pastels and pencils on A3 paper coming in oak frame with acrylic glass.