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Examples of the social construction of the body are prevalent in the media's objectification of the female body, in particular. While the biological body serves purposes driven by genetics and "human nature," the meanings society applies to the body are not fixed, "natural," or static. They are socially constructed.


A notable example is the nipple. Biologically, both men and women have nipples, albeit with slightly different levels of functionality. However, socially, the symbolic meaning of men's and women's nipples is dramatically different in most societies. Women's nipples are often sexualized, objectified, and censored, while men's nipples are allowed to be on display in various contexts such as running, doing yard work, participating in yoga class, appearing in primetime television, and featuring in advertising.


Nipples 1/2 by Aleksandra Cegielska

    • Technique: acryl on canvas
    • Size: 100cm x 100cm
    • Created in 2021

    The work is unique, with a collector's value and an original signature.

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