Obłok 11, 2022, Lioness, Blue Water

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  • Lioness invites the observer to stand up in strength, whatever that means, and to reflect on the sense of strength in general. What does it mean to feel strong? What is strength for you? How do you want to use it? The Lioness uses strength to protect herself and her loved ones. She only attacks when her boundaries have been crossed and she feels threatened. In this take, Lioness is shown as soft, flexible and oblong. The position of her hands shows the connection, softness and harmony of her actions. Lioness stands up for herself. She is her own shield. She uses her strength to protect herself. She decides what’s hers and what’s not.

    Lioness on the verbal level brings up the lioness as a symbol of female power. It is the lioness that performs most of the hunts and also looks after the young. Moreover, lionesses support each other during hunting, which enables them to eliminate prey that are stronger or faster than them. They are also symbols of divine sisterhood - women supporting women. The Obłok Lioness speaks to this symbol by showing Lioness as the feeder, the only one of the three Blue Water characters to be shown with breasts.

    About Blue Water

    How would you describe the feminine power nowadays? High position, money, and social status are the assets of the world dying before our eyes. Observing the collapse of a system built on hustle culture, exploiting its own resources, selling creativity in the name of acquiring more and more, I ask myself, what is the real feminine power? I’m not interested in canons; Forbes magazine covers and lists of the richest. I am interested in the woman’s emotional landscape where her various faces and qualities meet. All cursed, existing in her and making up her inner diversity and making her rich, but socially considered worthless, exiled to the margin of what is considered power and what is considered right.