Obłok 12, 2022, Bruja, Blue Water

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  • Bruja in Spanish stands for “witch”, “enchanter”, once in Spanish villages a healer, whisperer, one of the most important figures around whom the life of the community was organized. Bruja has amazing inborn wisdom. She’s a woman who knows, but her knowledge does not come from the classical educational system, but she knows because she is related to everything that is, she is an integral part of nature, and her intuition is her pillar. Bruja has several faces and emanations, that’s why she can be in several places at once. She appears in the dreams, memories and lives of those who benefit from her gifts. When telling the story of Bruja, Ola was confronted with her own beliefs and stereotypes about who Bruja is and what she looks like. In art and pop culture, she is often shown as a pimpled, disgusting creature, a cursed madwoman living in a house on a crow’s feet, in Ola’s work she has a harmonious human form, you can even risk saying that she is ordinary. Bruja materialized in the Blue Water project in response to the question „What is women's strength?” shows that she is part of each of us. That in a way each of us is a witch with magical powers. It is up to us whether we allow ourselves to use them or fearing madness or what others will say, we bury deep down the part of ourselves that knows.

    About Blue Water

    How would you describe the feminine power nowadays? High position, money, and social status are the assets of the world dying before our eyes. Observing the collapse of a system built on hustle culture, exploiting its own resources, selling creativity in the name of acquiring more and more, I ask myself, what is the real feminine power? I’m not interested in canons; Forbes magazine covers and lists of the richest. I am interested in the woman’s emotional landscape where her various faces and qualities meet. All cursed, existing in her and making up her inner diversity and making her rich, but socially considered worthless, exiled to the margin of what is considered power and what is considered right.