Obłok 10, 2022, Mama, Blue Water

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  • Mama is a story about reclaiming feminine gentleness for oneself. The power unfolding when something cries inside, is powerless, needs holding. As part of the "Blue Water" series, which is a story about a woman’s emotional landscape, about her strength, what is valuable in her and useless from the point of view of a masculine world, Mama refers to the concept of a loving, protective mother, presented in many spiritual traditions. The compassionate female figure is especially present in the Christian tradition and although sincerely venerated, that reverence has not translated into the higher social status for women themselves.

    The Mama, which the author discovers for herself, comes from a woman's gentleness, tenderness and the ability to love unconditionally. But Mama is also the beginning of everything, the source of life. Acceptance of the Mama within us, integrating this part of the female psyche for ourselves means accepting life and walking towards it. It also means finding gentleness within oneself and taking in the inner child that comes with the discovery of Mama.

    About Blue Water

    How would you describe the feminine power nowadays? High position, money, and social status are the assets of the world dying before our eyes. Observing the collapse of a system built on hustle culture, exploiting its own resources, selling creativity in the name of acquiring more and more, I ask myself, what is the real feminine power? I’m not interested in canons; Forbes magazine covers and lists of the richest. I am interested in the woman’s emotional landscape where her various faces and qualities meet. All cursed, existing in her and making up her inner diversity and making her rich, but socially considered worthless, exiled to the margin of what is considered power and what is considered right.