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Carmela's artistic philosophy embraces simplicity, as reflected in her preference for working with unpretentious lines. Endrizzi enjoys the interplay of these modest strokes, exploring the depth of expression they can convey. For her, it's in the unassuming details that entire universes can be discovered.


The same understated lines flow through the artworks Endrizzi presents. These depictions symbolize not only individuals but partnerships, social bubbles, and societies at large. Within the compositions, figures blend, dance, isolate, and experience fear, often moving through life without deliberate acknowledgment. Endrizzi invites the observer to simply stand before these works, encouraging them to observe and feel without judgment, allowing the experience to unfold organically.


Untitled by Carmela Endrizzi

    • Technique: watercolor on paper
    • Size: 30cm x 42cm (framed 40cm x 60cm)
    • Created in 2023 

    The work is unique, with a collector's value and an original signature. 

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