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28.09.23 12pm - 8pm

29.09.23 12pm - 8pm

30.09.23 10am - 4pm

Embark on a journey through timeless elegance and sartorial splendor as we bring a carefully curated selection of clothes from Warsaw to Basel

for an unforgettable Vintage Pop Up Studio event!

Prepare to be enchanted by a curated selection of the finest vintage clothing, spanning eras and styles, that will leave you awe-inspired.

From the chic sophistication of Kenzo to the opulent grace of Oscar de la Renta, and from the luxurious embrace of silk to the coz allure of cashmere, this is a vintage fest unlike any other that Basel has ever witnessed.

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Exhibition: 05.10.2023 - 28.10.2023

Vernissage: 05.10.2023 from 6pm

Artists: Cedric Bloch & Le Visage

Dive into uncharted creative realms as artists Cedric Bloch and Le Visage unveil their mesmerizing exhibition at Eleven Ten Studio this October.

Bloch the master behind the lens, embarks on a voyage through picturesque waterscapes, capturing fleeting moments in vivid hues. His analog photography invites you to explore a world suspended in time, where the familiar twists into abstraction, enveloping you in a transformative embrace.

Meanwhile, Le Visage wields spray as their medium, translating urban decay and natural nuances into tangible beauty. With precision akin to nature's math, their canvases tell urban tales and echo natural rhythms, crafted with a touch that defies the digital. The exhibition harmonizes innovation and homage, capturing urban evolution and nature's whispers in each frame. Bloch's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries resonates, while Le Visage seizes the essence of change in vibrant splendor. Join us on this dual journey where moments are frozen and stories bloom, celebrating art's boundless.

We are delighted to extend an open invitation for our upcoming art exhibition, and we warmly welcome artists of all kinds to be part of this enriching experience.

Whether you're a painter, a sculptor, or a performer, we encourage you to share your artistic journey with us.

To participate, kindly provide us with your biography and portfolio, allowing us to immerse ourselves in your artistic world. Your unique perspective and creative endeavors are valuable to us, and we are eager to review your work.

Our team will diligently evaluate all submissions, and selected candidates will be contacted with further details. Your creative ideas have the potential to transform our space into an even more captivating haven of artistic expression.



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