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Eleven Ten Studio is an artist - run gallery, exhibition and event space located in the heart of Klein Basel, Switzerland. 

"Art is not to be feared" through this unconventional approach we want to shorten the distance between an artist and the collector. We want to build strong connections with people and maintain a sense of honesty and integrity. 

Our goal is as simple as this: create art and make a living out of it. Nothing more, but also nothing less. 

ENFANTS by Roberta & Roberta was born organically, from the pure desire for union and fun. The idea is to bring a smile to audience members and performers alike, creating a moment of reflection on their approach to daily life, pitting the adulthood against the childish pursuit of freedom and joy.

The performance reminisces on the yearning to return to childhood, exploring the unhealed and undiscovered parts of ourselves, the inner child ubiquitous in all of us and realising how to move on in life with serenity, enthusiasm and excitement.


Smile, have fun and don't take it too seriously!