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A Framework Breaking + Making Process

Caitlin Werner

Exhibition 27.06.24 - 27.07.24

Vernissage 27.06.24 from 6pm

Caitlin Werner invites you to explore the dynamic interplay between deconstruction and reconstruction. Through a series of artworks, Werner takes viewers on a journey beyond conventional boundaries, where frameworks are shattered to reveal the raw essence of creativity, where every breakage serves as an opportunity for new beginnings.

Caitlin Werner is a multifaceted individual, embodying the roles of a dedicated mother, spouse, designer, and artist. With a distinguished educational background, including a Master of Design from the University of Illinois Chicago and the Basel School of Art and Design, as well as a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Purdue University, Caitlin possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Currently based in Basel, Switzerland, Caitlin continues to channel her passion for design while nurturing her family life.


Shame on you, shame on me

Catherin Schöberl & Lucia Fischer


Vernissage: August 8 from 6pm

Exhibition: 08.08.24 - 01.09.24

Kunsttage Basel opening hours: 30/31.08.24, 01.09.24, 11am - 6pm

Shame on you, shame on me delves into the intricate facets of societal conditioning, gender norms, and the evolving perception of the temale form. The exhibition initiates a dialogue on the representation of the female body in art, particularly through the lens of an artist immersed in the feminist movement. Through a question-and-answer game, it also engages viewers in their own evolution and perception of feminism over time.

The series of artworks by Lucia Fischer, featuring prominently highlighted nipples and vulvas in gold, prompts viewers to question the societal invisibility and censorship of the female body, especially in Southeast Asian cultures.

Simultaneously, the exterior and interior walls of Eleven Ten Studio will feature large banners by Catherin Schöberl, emphasizing feminist youth issues.

We don't accept artist submissions at the moment.

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