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Exhibition: 30.11.2023 - 22.12.2023

Vernissage: 01.12.2023 from 5pm

Artists: Nadja Aellig & Javier González Ramos

We are thrilled to present "Landscapes of Thoughts," an extraordinary art exhibition that brings together the distinctive artistic voices of Nadja Aellig and Javier González Ramos. This captivating showcase is a journey into the empire of emotion, sensory experiences, and the delicate interplay between shelter and vulnerability that both artists expertly navigate.


Nadja Aellig's paintings and photography are a poignant exploration of the intimate connection between the body and the world that surrounds it. Her work conveys sensuality and a deep devotion to nature as a sanctuary of security and tranquility. Aellig's art masterfully captures the ethereal space that exists between grounding and dissolving, creating silent atmospheres that feel weightless yet profoundly grounding in their essence.

In contrast, Javier Gonález Ramos invites viewers to embrace spontaneity and dynamism through his art. With intricate geometric compositions and a play of complementary colors, he beckons the observer to meander through alternating movements and moments of serene stillness. His work beautifully straddles the line between apparent chaos and ultimate harmony, offering a profound reflection of the intricate dance that unfolds in the world around us.


Their exploration of inner and outer landscapes, the ethereal and the tangible, provides an enchanting glimpse into the depths of the human experience.

As you wander through the gallery, you will witness the seamless merging of inner and outer images, a graceful glide across the boundaries that distinguish our emotions from the natural world. The softness of a day, the harmonious interplay of light and color, and the juxtaposition of form and chaos come together to create a symphony of visual and emotional experiences.

We are delighted to extend an open invitation for our upcoming art exhibition, and we warmly welcome artists of all kinds to be part of this enriching experience.

Whether you're a painter, a sculptor, or a performer, we encourage you to share your artistic journey with us.

To participate, kindly provide us with your biography and portfolio, allowing us to immerse ourselves in your artistic world. Your unique perspective and creative endeavors are valuable to us, and we are eager to review your work.

Our team will diligently evaluate all submissions, and selected candidates will be contacted with further details. Your creative ideas have the potential to transform our space into an even more captivating haven of artistic expression.



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