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Alba De Zanet

Alba De Zanet is a swiss/italian artist and illustrator, living and working in Bern, Switzerland. Her work varies in format and ranges from abstract to concrete. Whether a graphic, an illustration, a painting or a public space mural, she creates a narrative in each artwork. While my stories differ, one constant remains: striking colors. (Ok, or Butt Berties.) Working in the field for a decade and self-employed since 2016, she also collaborates on different projects where different disciplines intertwine.

You can contact Alba via her website or Instagram.

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Photo_Natacha Di Nucci.jpg

Natacha Di Nucci

- born in Basel, is a contemporary artist focused on creating works

which are characteristically pure and minimalistic. Nature is the true

essence of what her work is all about.

Painting and drawing have been part of her life since her youth.

Until 2008 she was self-taught and obtained her knowledge and

skills through careful observation of her environment. Driven by

the wish for more impulses from outside, new challenges and

the need to leave and extend her comfort zone, she decided

in 2015 to study Visual Art at the Visual Art School Basel.

Towards the end of the studies, the wish for a simplification and

reduction in her artistic work became more and more evident.

With her love for nature, it was obvious that she was drawn

to natural materials.

She mainly works with materials such as ink, earth pigment

and natural binders. In addition to the common brushes,

she also uses materials from nature like panicles, grasses,

and wood as her creative tools. A significant part of her creative

process is also about recycling and reusing materials.

As part of the ‘reuse’ process, she makes paper out of her

recycling paper, which she reuses in her artwork.

By creating her delicate work she is striving for inner balance

and mindfulness that she shares with her audience.

You can contact Natasha via her Instagram or website.

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Rachel Ougier Simonin

Rachel Ougier Simonin has painted all her life: creating is a strong part of her. What she particularly loves is the magical moment when she no longer directs the brush, but the paint equally guides her. "In the end, I become one with the painting. It is an amazing feeling when the magic happens, and a part of me ends up in the canvas" she says. She had to step out of her comfort zone to become an artist entrepreneur, as she was “just” an employee before. It also takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, to take risks and to be able to deal with the criticisms that your art triggers. «I have experienced how resilient I can be, and that it is worth trying again and again when you love what you do" says Rachel. Introvert by nature, she was also pleasantly surprised to see how many people are touched with her paintings. She has also received a lot of encouragement, good advice, and lots of laughs. “Being an artist entrepreneur gives me so much joy and energy, and makes me a richer and more authentic person,” she says with a big smile!



You can contact Rachel via her website or Instagram.

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David Buckingham

David Buckingham (1988) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Basel, Switzerland. He has painted Murals and exhibited works in many parts of the world. His art is a documentation of our modern society with all its paradoxes, thus it is activism through art. Increased attention is given to the relationship and symbiosis of nature and the human condition.


You can contact David via mail.

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Capture d’écran 2022-10-21 210957.jpg

Adrien Schryve

- born in France in 1987. With his move to Switzerland in 2012 he engaged in his first art projects. Since 2015 he lives in Basel, where he is besides studying at the Hyperwerk Basel active as an installation and performance artist.

His work is influenced by the bricolage movement, in which artists use any material they can get their hands on to create a work of art. A central element of his works is that they can be touched and experienced with all the senses.

Recently, he directed his creative interest on topics as pollution and the ecological crisis with his ‘Plastic Age Project’ that uses different materials found in the street of Basel to create precious stones.

An overarching theme in his current work is our collective legacy that we leave to future civilizations. He explores how we might better manage our waste and looks to the future, imagining that future generations might talk about our heritage as we do today about the Stone Age.

You can contact Adrien via his website or mail.

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Anastasia Marfurt

Anastasia Marfurt, born in Germany in 1992, grew up in Lucerne and has been living and working in Basel since 2017.


Her visual expression is based on the interplay of abstracted and figurative representations. Highly pigmented color tones, applied transparently in several layers, create lightness and depth in all works. The color palette remains deliberately reduced.

The originality of form and its diversity in the environment form the source of inspiration.


Her artistic intention is found in the curiosity to visualize these natural beauties and emotions with color. The harmonious composition of the picture allows the viewer's eye to linger and creates a haven of peace in everyday life.

You can contact Anastasia via her website or mail.

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Sonja Crone

born in 1982 in Speyer am Rhein, currently living near Basel.

She is a poet and artist and also works as an editor. She exhibited in the UK, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.


In her paintings, dark moments meet bright, warm colors, so that tensions and contradictionsbecome clear. The colors are not used in a naturalistic way, but become an expressionist means of expression. The artist seems to reach for them intuitively. The massive use of color in dense, broad brushstrokes, like ribbons, are contrasted by flowing, fine tonal transitions in the surfaces. She paints freely associating and thus creates an immediate expression. In the paintings it becomes clear that the artistic act is a well thought-out, but always at the same time deeply unconscious, impulsive expression: An inner being pushed outwards, breaks through - also in the coloring.

You can contact Sonja via her website or mail.

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Abdullah Bertin

born in 1989 in Maras, Turkey is an actor, director and painter based

in Basel. After studying in Berlin, he joined the Tiny House movement, which brought him to long-term performances on the themes of "Living" and "Nomadic Theatre". As a curator, he staged Tiny House "Villages" and festivals. In his work, he processes the themes of spirituality, authenticity and identity in documentary films and images.

Back in Basel since 2019, he flirts with all art movements and yet he is married to painting as he says. Figures and archetypes can be discovered in his paintings, inspired by everyday life as well as memories and visions. In this way, each painting becomes a moment from a story that the painter and the viewer can tell each other in dialogue. His precisely staged actions serve as a technique for him to work with colour and form. He does not try to find answers and solutions at all, but triggers a new puzzle with each approach and uses the search movement as fuel for further paintings.

Painting moves him to new ways of dealing with abstract thinking and it helps him to give free rein to the boundless imagination of

his pictorial world.

You can contact Abdullah via his IG profile or mail.

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Aleksandra Cegielska

Polish living in Basel, educates about new feminism. “I have a feeling that the word “feminism” has a lot of negative connotations. When in fact it is all about equal rights for all genders, religions, races,” she states.. Aleks’ art explores the human connection and the body and mind. In her world, there is no main differentiator between male and female but a fluid concept whereby the two intrinsically connect. Bold colours also take centre stage – illustrating intensity as well as simplifying explicit shapes. 

Having worked in the fashion and marketing industry for over 12 years, she has learned and perfected methods in which to conceptualise and realise non-conforming silhouettes, shapes and colours. In doing so, she developed a passion that just didn’t cover clothes but also art as a result.

“Blank canvas always gives me the opportunity to express and visualise my emotions for all to see. Additionally a canvas also bestows me with a chance to say things that maybe difficult to put into words. And that in essence, is why I want to share my art with the world, it may end up helping someone out there.”

You can contact Aleks via her website or by mail.

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Anastasia Rydlevskaya

is an artist from Belarus who, fleeing repression and the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, found her asylum in Gdańsk. Art is for her the highest form of existence and the last hope. It reaches for the most intense emotions, universal feelings and sensations. She always knew she was going to be an artist; however, instead of completing her studies in art, she became a specialist in French literature. Her work shows a fascination with the power of stories, multi-layered metaphors and narratives rooted in European philosophy. When asked about what it means for her to be a young Belarusian woman working in Poland, she replies: “Everything I go through has its dimension in my art. However, I try to make my art non-binary, to cross borders and to be humanistic. There are two dimensions in which I create: my personal approach and my willingness to relate it to all people around the world. After all, we all share the same desire - the desire for happiness ”


Her surreal, often dark images feature three permanent motifs: crying flowers, blue tigers and lions, multi-headed chimeras ... Crying flowers is a reference to Blaise Pascal's "thinking reed". “It's just a flower, but it has a seeing eye that is always open and therefore feels like a thinking being. He can only look, but he does not look away, ”says the artist. After moving to Gdańsk, she discovered that the city has two lions in its coat of arms ... In heraldry, a synonym for royal strength, in Rydlevska's work, blue lions, made of crying tears, are a metaphor for suffering. On the other hand, the tiger is a symbol of energy that leads to change. "This energy is like the sun," claims the artist, "you cannot say that the sun is too hot, it is beyond morality."

You can contact Anastasia by mail.

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Borbala Eszteri

Borbala is most known for her loosely abstracted figurative works, which include the use of oil paint, oil pastels, acrylic, watercolor, and ink. The combination of mediums allows Eszteri to experiment with intense and highly customized colors and effects, Bringing to life her personal experiences. 

Borbala was born in Pécs, Hungary in 1993. After graduating High School in Pécs, she moved to Budapest where she attended the Forrai Art School to study fashion and design. She was working in the fashion industry for a few years after graduation. In 2019, Eszteri moved to Switzerland due to a job opportunity, where she currently resides in Kanton Zürich. Borbála did not paint on canvas until the 2020 lockdown hit. The chaotic situation during the lockdown inspired her to return to art and display her feelings on canvas. She identifies herself as a semi self-taught artist as she did not study painting, although she took drawing lessons at the fashion school where she attended. She learned and is still learning painting in a self-taught way. 

You can contact Borbala via her Instagram.

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Maëlle Gourlan

Maëlle Gourlan (Azurasma as her Artist name) is a French & Irish textile designer, painter, experimental fashion artist and performer. Exploring the diversity of Artistic tools to reach aims: Her intention is to bring a comforting sense of well-being and peace while entering in contact with the creations. Striving for balance and harmony during the work process. She cares on the amount of fun collected while creating and how much the wearer / buyer can feel comfortable. Her wish is that the wearer feels a deeper

connexion with her/his inner femininity and inner child by empowering themselves through Art. Her use of handcrafting techniques is taking time to create in a playful and intuitive way striving for a more conscious state of making garments and Art. It is tactile, you are close to it. There is a personal bond between the

creator and it’s creation, it’s precious, a bubble, a safe space for liberation of creativity. Leading her to come closer to the intention of bringing comfort to the wearer. The quality of her design process is the use of meditation which helps focusing on the aim, value and quality of the product. A sense of memory is developed through the time spent on it building value.

The second aim is to bring the best experience to the other through the use of colors, the quality and choice of materials mainly wool, living a space for spontaneous acts through performances including the audience directly.


Azurasma is striving to reach a large community inclusive for all. Creating adaptable, comfortable clothes and

unique sizes.

You can contact Maëlle via her Instagram.

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Kafka Outsiderart Studios

"I was already interested in the visual arts as a child and was allowed to spend a lot of time in the museums. I never had the artistic vein you needed for painting (so I thought) until it started out of the blue sky. Unfortunately I was not allowed to enjoy a beautiful childhood and this left deep traces. When I arrived at one point that was unknown to me until then I decided to refer to my feelings, inner worlds, wishes and everything the human soul needs on paper. Put it on the screen. I then got a brush set shortly afterwards and started painting. When I started painting something happened (which I only knew from my near death experience as a child) and was immediately in the subconscious world of my soul. It was like a transcendental meditation. When I came to “to me” stood in front of me 4 canvases full of colors that I smeared on it. The result moved me so that I was mocking inside my core, which was my purpose to deal with myself in this way. After this experience I started to visit painting courses in 2017 and read into art literature. I do not want to be “grinding” institutions in art, but rather let everything be as raw and authentic as possible. Art is my way of life for me, my space where I can be myself in order to love and heal myself."

You can contact Kafka Outsiderart Studios via Instagram.

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Dominik Schwarz

Driven by the exciting curiosity of his inner child, the tendency to blot himself like a scatterbrained painter, with the unstoppable urge to follow the seductive voice of creativity

and a very, very, very deep attachment to chimpanzees and the rest of the animal world,

Dumdi illustrates the big wide world around him.

He is not a man for long speeches and thus prefers to let his works speak for themselves.

Voila, open your eyes and have fun!

You can contact Dominik via mail.

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Juliette Lepage Boisdron

Juliette Lepage Boisdron was born in Paris and holds a Master Degree in History of Art from Sorbonne University. Her travels around the world from earliest childhood has left a distinct mark upon her work. She grew up in exotic and contrasting countries, offering a way to travel intellectually and emotionally.

North China, U.S.S.R, Abu Dhabi, Pondicherry, New York, Lisbon, Paris,Singapore and Basel have been her “home” at different stages of her life. Her a professional career is therefore quite eclectic.


Juliette paints with acrylic and Indian ink on paper or cardboard. Her creations speak about love, human relationships, the place of women in the society, motherhood, relationships between man and nature. There is no hierarchy; humans, animals, plants,

they all have the same dignity of existence. Juliette has had international success, with her works exhibited across the globe;

including Singapore, U.S, France, and Switzerland where she currently resides.

You can contact Juliette via her website or mail.

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Magdalena Wesolowska

Magdalena Wesołowska born in 1981, she graduated from the University of Silesia in Katowice in Poland. Painting in the studio of Prof. Tadeusz Rus. with a diploma in 2007.


Color, intuition, emotions, those are the main features of her painting, where color and playing with it are a visible spectrum and can be used at any time and on any surface on which she creates. By painting, Magdalena creates a new, unimaginable space within herself. The emotions of her inside emanate on the canvas. “I take the recipient and myself to other abstract worlds to experience peace, soothing colors emanating with beauty and pulsating with life,” Magdalena says.


You can contact Magdalena via her website or mail.

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Jerusa Simone

currently based in Zurich and originally from Porto, Portugal, she graduated in fine arts from the Escola Artística do Porto. During the past years, she has been exploring different mediums from painting to videoart, giving her the opportunity to exhibit internationally in various contexts and places, including Portugal, Italy, Saudi Arabia, England, Greece, Spain and most recently USA. Her approach to painting is based on daily personal experiences, reoccurring emotions and memories. In her process, naive drawings often emerge from abstract backgrounds which were created devoid of pre-existing ideas, allowing her to embrace painting as an act based on spontaneous movements and

intuitive choices. Subtle, informal lines give shape to ordinary objects assembled with human figures, reproducing familiar visual signs as well as strangeness. All her work, regardless of the medium, consists of reconstructing the connection between symbols and meaning, using abstract and figurative forms, color and texture in order to stimulate the viewer visually and intellectually.


You can contact Jerusa via her website or mail.

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Kopia Magda Betkowska.jpg

Magda Bętkowska

born in Poland and studied artistic education in Fine Arts, Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Institute of Art Education at the Silesian University in Poland. In 2018 she completed further education in Art Therapy in Konstanz, Germany. These studies helped her return to painting after a long break. Magda "rediscovered" herself as an artist. Using different mediums such as acrylic, colored pens, and crayons allow her to choose a painting tool which mirrors the stories she wants to tell in the best possible way.


In 2018 she started to paint her "woman's world" as a therapy to overcome her own complexes and begin a path towards self-acceptance. 'I'm fascinated by the female body, because it is for me a kind of temple of wonder. I create my woman's image often with elements of nature and with relevant female notions of self-acceptance, love, and confidence" Magda says. In her painting you can see the influence from art deco or from the burlesque world. She also uses eye-catching colors as red, orange, pink, yellow to pack as much expression as possible into an image. It is her way of expressing the power and diversity of beauty in each woman.


You can contact Magda via her website or by mail.

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Ola Mysior

Polish, living in Gdańsk. Certified Soul Coach, strategist, writer and painter. An entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in building brands and communication in the fashion industry. Founder of two companies, the Fashion PR Talks Business Academy and the Pop Up Grupa strategic collective. A PR specialist and literary critic by education.


For 10 years she has been professionally building brands and fashion campaigns awarded in industry competitions. She was also a consultant for business owners in the fashion industry. In 2019, she conducted a series of original workshops "Personal Strategy" on discovering a vocation and building an informed professional life.


One night in 2020, tired of the „hustle culture”, living under constant internal and external pressure and being a slave of professional status, she took a year off and began to get to know herself. Her inner search resulted in a new career path as a Soul Coach. During individual sessions and in mentoring programs, she teaches business owners, mainly from the creative industry, how to stop, let go and feel themselves again.


You can contact Ola via her website or by mail.

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