You are everything, but ordinary.

Here at Eleven Ten Studio we believe in individualism and equality above all.

There is just one rule we are going to follow, there is no rule. Yet, we are fair to each other, fair to the environment and fair to the product we make.

Since 2014 Aleks Cegielska-Rofaiel transfers her vision of fashion via Eleven Ten Studio, brand with streetwise edge focused on promoting gender neutrality.  Created from passion and with belief that one can have an impact, Aleks day by day delivers ready to wear, gender neutral wardrobe. From now on you can discard seasons, trends, conventions. Encourage individuality despite social labels.

We are entirely made and designed in Europe.

Most items are produced in small, numbered batches in the heart of Poland, while others are produced in-house at our Swiss headquarters on a made-to-order basis to eliminate excess.


Many pieces in our collection are handmade, hand stitched and hand painted that’s why any variations in color or material are intentional and enhances the beauty of the product.