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Eleven Ten Studio is an artist-run gallery, exhibition and event space run by artist Aleksandra Cegielska for and together with other artists. Situated in the heart of Klein Basel  in a 125 year old building at Feldbergstrasse 86, the studio offers enough space for various artists to show and sell their art.


Aleksandra Cegielska, originally from Poland, moved to Basel in 2011. Previously held marketing jobs in the fashion and luxury industry, two years ago she established herself as an artist.

In September 2021 she successfully opened the temporary space POP UP ART STUDIO and has since dreamed of a permanent gallery to showcase (and more importantly sell) her and other artists’ work.


Eleven Ten Studio fulfills this idea perfectly. Almost 70 sqm room with 3 big walls and 2 shop windows provides great space for painters, photographers, sculptors, performers and even musicians. Fully equipped kitchens provide support for any event and office space is also available on site.


Eleven Ten Studio aims to be a safe space, open for young and emerging artists but moreover a selling platform. 

Our mission is as simple as this: we want to create art and make a living out of it. Nothing more, but also nothing less. 

Unlike other galleries, our business model is based on price transparency. Artists being involved in the life of the gallery, collectors who can casually meet the artist and have an open dialogue. This means that artists produce sellable work and collectors understand what they pay for.  


Eleven Ten Studio is an independent space and fully financed by the artists.

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