ELEVEN TEN STUDIO is a gender neutral clothing label centred on promoting gender fluid fashion for all.


Taking inspiration from gender neutral wardrobe staples from the past, like the trenchcoat - a military coat specifically designed for soldiers during the trench warfare of World War I, ELEVEN TEN STUDIO aims to deliver your wardrobe essentials in a new and modern manner, whilst capitalising on gender neutral statement pieces which were conceptualised for all sexes.


Defined and characterised by a daring and progressive design, our products are of high quality and are polished off with a minimalistic yet bold finish. ELEVEN TEN STUDIO clothing is made and designed in Europe, where all of our suppliers and employees are paid and treated fairly.


ELEVEN TEN STUDIOs' collections are produced on a small scale and on a made-to-order basis. Handmade, stitched and painted in ELEVEN TEN STUDIO’s workshops in both Poland and Switzerland, our unique clothing is environmentally friendly and seeks to eliminate excess, whilst keeping your individual style in check.


At ELEVEN TEN STUDIO, there are no seasons, trends or any norms that apply to the brand and in extent to you. ELEVEN TEN STUDIO has its own palette and only one rule it firmly believes in - embracing individuality and ignoring social stereotypes.


If you would like to know more about ELEVEN TEN STUDIO, its stockists or upcoming collections simply fill the contact form here.


Established by Aleksandra Cegielska, ELEVEN TEN STUDIO’s  brand name derives from the designer’s birth date and month, the 11th of October. The numbers IIIO also represent the binary concept of one and zero as a contrast to the brand’s non binary approach.


Aleksandra, who has always had an eccentric fashion sense, started  ELEVEN TEN STUDIO not only to break the mould on societal norms, but also to launch a safe and creative space to share her individuality with like-minded people.


Armed with a firm believe that fashion should be genderless, Aleksandra’s mission is to help realise this vision and enable people to be people no matter race, religion or sex.


“We are all unique human beings. Freedom to be, speak, wear and feel is a basic human right. No one should take this away from us. Ever.” - says Aleks.


Gender neutral design

We see you as a person, not a gender. Every time we launch a new collection we offer you bold, non seasonal, wardrobe essentials. We use high quality materials and minimalistic construction with a multifunctional approach. We want you to feel good in our products everyday, everywhere.

Responsible manufacture

The world of ELEVEN TEN STUDIO is all about creating confidence, honesty, and comfort in what you wear, while taking care of the environment. From sourcing natural or deadstock fabric, paying fair prices to our manufactures and using recycled packaging. We take full responsibility for our products.

Socially engaged

One of ELEVEN TEN STUDIO’s most treasured values is equality for all. Regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or gender, we want to create a more accepting and tolerant environment for everyone to live in.