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Everything is art

Adrien Schryve, Aleksandra Cegielska, David Buckingham, Dominik Schwarz

We saw everything. We experienced all, pandemics, war, recession. The world is ruled by global corporations and megacities. Everything has already happened. Fashion goes back to the O0s and we listen to "Genie in the bottle" again. Art world is full of itself as usual and making money on banana pinned to the wall with gray duct tape. So is everything art? Or nothing is art anymore? In the 50's the world produced 2 million tons of plastic per year. In 2019 - 460 million tones. An estimated 55% of global plastic waste was discarded, 25% was incinerated and 20% recycled. But plastic is everywhere, in food, clothes, art. Reuse, recycle, reduce, this is what we will be doing in November in Eleven Ten Studio. Four artists collected trash, masks, old clothes & furniture and created art with it. They ask you:is everything art or art is everything?


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