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First, there was a line

Carmela Endrizzi, Soraya Amini

In a world often bustling with complexity, simplicity takes center stage in our new exhibition, First, there was a line.

Humans often overlook the beauty found in the ordinary. Guided by the philosophy that simplicity holds unexplored potential, the collaborative exhibition by two artists, Carmela Endrizzi and Soraya Amini, invites you to discover inherent in humble lines. 

Within the unassuming strokes, Endrizzi and Amini explore entire universes, presenting a collection characterized by simplicity and depth. The exhibited pieces eloquently represent the intricacies of human existence as figures intertwine, dance, isolate, and fear – mirroring the dynamic tapestry of individuals, partnerships, social bubbles, and societies.

The artists beckon you to pause and appreciate the beauty in the lines that shape our lives. Through their exploration of the ordinary, First, there was a line, seeks to reconnect with the emotional resonance that simplicity can evoke.


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