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In flow - magic of dynamic motion

Aleksandra Cegielska, Miki Buckland, Rama Kalidindi, Roya Noorinezhad, Sibylle Laubscher, Tomoko Hashimoto

Welcome to - in flow - an art exhibition that invites you to explore the captivating world of dynamic motion and its profound impact on creation, sustenance and destruction. Through an amalgamation of artistic expressions, this exhibition delves into the beauty and complexity of flow -
an energy that transcends boundaries of interruption, interjection, intersection, connection, rejection, manipulation and eradication.

In this multi-faceted showcase, artists have unleashed their creativity to capture the essence of flow's timeless nature; where there is no beginning,
no end, no wrong nor right, no better nor worse. Fragmentation finds cohesion, obliteration regrouping, convening in a rhythmic dance of energy, unconfined and coursing through unleashed. Surging forth, amidst joy and pain, finding the inevitability of unbounded release. The art works will mesmerise you as they meander through corridors of thought, affecting body and mind, captivating every breath, through grace and fluidity.

Curated by Aleksandra Cegielska & Rama Kalidindi​.

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