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Agnieszka Kuntzmann

In order to be reborn, we must die to ourselves and the world.
Away from solution -focused therapies, and how - to spiritualities.
The path to rebirth is through letting go of old urges, released from old needs.
Now from a maiden, you became a mother, birthing the new to come. A never - ending state of becoming, in an ecosystem of others. The cycle is continuous.
Don't forget the gift of darkness, it will show you the way back, when you've once again lost the path.

Agnieszka Kuntzmann (born 1986) is a Swiss based artist of Polish origins. Her work is characterized by an interest in perception of consciousness, concept of circulation and embodiment. She sees every Self as a vehicle to another form. Metamorphosis as an autonomous and absolute act of infinite movement. She searches for this metamorphosis and often experiments with materials that are the subject of natural phenomena of transmutation, like water, salt, minerals, ashes. Her abstract and semi figurative paintings, inspired by the practice of self-awareness and connecting with nature, evoke archetypes that are buried deep in the collective subconscious.


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