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The power of she

Aleksandra Cegielska, Anastasia Rydlevskaya, Ola Mysior

Numbers don’t lie. Switzerland was the last country in Europe to give women voting rights in federal elections (1971) and Appenzell Innerrhoden the last canton to give this right on local issues (1991). The Swiss gender pay gap is 17% and only 26% women make up top management positions in the economy. Maternity leave is only 14 weeks (one of the shortest in Europe) and childcare is so expensive only 56% women work full time. Despite all this, the country's economy is full of female business owner examples: cultural or travel blogs, concept stores, vintage boutiques, cafes, art galleries. With minimal or no government support these businesses flourish and show women empowerment is stronger than ever.

The first exhibition in newly opened Eleven Ten Studio focuses exactly on that subject. Three young female artists discuss femininity of today. Struggles and successes, stereotypes and breaking the taboo, vulnerability and invincibility. Using brush as a weapon and heart as a compass they show new women archetypes.
Strong, powerful, uncompromising are testimony of new, conscious femininity. Women who know where to set boundaries, when to raise their voice and to not constantly apologize for their imperfections. In fact their flaws make them so captivating.
“The power of she” is to show women as her own creator and the object at once. The woman who juggles societal norms, who doesn't conform, who is not perfect.

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