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The power of touch

Aleksandra Cegielska, Kaja Dobrzańska

Who wants to live, laugh, or cry alone
Have we lost the touch that means so much
Touch me now and let me know

Human touch is a critical element in shaping social relationships, emotional well-being, and physiological health. Its loss or deprivation can have profound negative effects on individuals and society. Early brain development is particularly impacted by touch, with emotional bonds between infants and caregivers being formed through touch.

The "Power of Touch" exhibition invites you to explore the impact of human touch in society. Viewers and participants will reflect on their experiences and feelings, gaining new insights and perspectives.
Aleksandra's pop-up art style delves into the intricacies of human touch on multiple levels, exploring the profound impact that it has on our lives. Her focus ranges from the significance of first and last touches to the nuances of romantic connections.
Touch is a fundamental aspect of our interactions with others, and its meaning evolves at different stages of our lives. Aleksandra's work specifically highlights the importance of loving relationships, parent-child bonds, and couples, evoking deep emotional responses from the viewer.

Around the Touch is an experience that takes one through the story of touch. Its center is an interactive sculpture, working in synergy with people discovering the theme
of conscious touch step by step. It is sensitive to proximity and warmth. Like us all, come closer - it lights up. It reacts to our presence and feeling of nearness.

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