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Till death do us part

Aleksandra Cegielska

In the modern era defined by rapid digital evolution, humanity has embraced technology and the internet in ways that mirror complex relationships of commitment and devotion. Over the past quarter-century, the connection with technology has evolved into a symbiotic union—a bond reminiscent of marriage and religious worship.

Imagine the internet as a deity—a pervasive force shaping daily lives and worldviews. Interactions online echo the rituals of worship, with social media platforms serving as virtual congregations and search engines acting as oracles of information. People find solace, connection, and inspiration in this digital realm, much like seekers in a sacred space.
Doesn't engagement with technology mirror the dynamics of marriage? Fidelity is pledged to devices and networks, integrating them into the fabric of existence. Digital identities intertwine with the sense of self, blurring the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.

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