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Where are you from

Alba de Zanet, Borbala Eszteri, Natacha di Nucci

We are truly living in a very unique time in the history of our civilization, facing several simultaneous challenges and converging crises:
a deteriorating environment, a very unequal distribution of dwindling resources, widespread poverty, wars, climate change, oppression of many peoples, and dissatisfaction with life even in those countries with a surplus of material wealth.
No wonder artists through their work ask existential questions:
Where are we from? Where are we going? Who are we?
All of these phrases are fundamental to how we individuall and collectively make meaning.

The answers to such questions are certainly not simple, and you will not find them here.
Artists main purpose is to create, to discover and to explore and viewer role is to interpret and draw conclusions.
Together we make a perfect whole and can grow up from now on.

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