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Where do we go

Duilio A. Martins, Matthieu Crimersmois, reConvert

The world is complex, the future uncertain. There is a lively debate about which path people should take. Among other things, there are calls for more global cooperation, individual empowerment, ecological sustainability, automation and cultural diversity. Our decisions affect the future. Artists ask where do we go? Where is the future of art and how big should the human impact be?

Duilio Amarante Martins works with photography and sculpture, both of which present unique challenges, such as the element of time. However, they also share similarities, such as the exclusion of non-essential elements. In photography, the focus is on capturing light and essence, while in sculpture, there is a consideration of how much the organic shape is preserved and how visible the artist's hand is in the final piece.
Matthieu Crimersmois presents a set of works created between 2008 and 2022.
The work explores the interplay between physical and digital art and Al. It questions the concept of success in life. How far can we go in relation to where we come from?
Usually, the public goes to art galleries or museums in a comfortable position of reception. reConvert proposes on this occasion the possibility for people to create their own art.
In this one-to-one experience, a member of the audience enters a blackbox room and meets the two performers and the Al software that will be ready to react to their commands.


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