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Juliette says: "My experience colours my work; I’m especially drawn to women and their roles in society, and am enthralled by how humans interact with each other and with nature. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes painful. There is no hierarchy. Humans, animals, plants, they all have the same dignity of existence.

In my work, you will see weird people, that is to say people who don’t follow traditional beauty standards. My figures may have two heads, or spots all over. They aren’t symmetrical. This reflects life and how we are all broken inside."

Sharing Secrets by Juliette Lepage Boisdron

CHF 280.00Price
  • There is no description about this jewelry piece. "I have a language which is more archaic than the spoken words. It is painting. I communicate with emotions, not with words. I wouldn’t be able to verbally express what I say in most of my paintings," Juliette stated.

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