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Aleksandra Cegielska

Aleksandra Cegielska, born in 1985 and based in Basel, Switzerland, is a self-taught artist of Polish heritage. Rooted in her academic background in International Affairs, her artistic journey is fueled by a deep-seated curiosity about cultures, societal dynamics, and human interactions. Her true artistic calling emerged as she traversed Europe, America, and Asia before settling in Switzerland. These journeys exposed her to diverse cultures and ignited a deep curiosity that would shape her artistic perspective.

Her body of work is a testament to her observations, offering vibrant explorations of non-conforming silhouettes, shapes, and colors. Cegielska views the intricate relationship between the body and mind as paramount, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and personal encounters to create art that serves as a bridge between individual experiences and universal themes. Employing a versatile approach encompassing drawing, photography, and textiles, she crafts multi-dimensional experiences that transcend traditional artistic boundaries. At the core of her work lies a thought-provoking exploration of societal constructs, challenging norms surrounding body image, sexuality, and the definition of normalcy. She is deeply intrigued by how various media, shape the image of women in contemporary society. She seeks to advocate for equality and challenge entrenched systems, recognizing the importance of understanding the complexities of modern narratives.

Cegielska's canvases serve as platforms for open dialogue, inviting viewers to contemplate the acceptance or controversy surrounding particular images. Beyond aesthetic innovation, her art serves as a powerful advocate for equal rights across gender, religion, and nationality. Moreover, in her view, before questioning anything, one must consider all variables, as nothing exists in black and white—a principle reflected in her artworks, which are rich in nuance and open to interpretation.

Aleksandra Cegielska


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