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The narrative of temptation and the forbidden fruit originates from ancient biblical tales, whose principles continue to shape modern life. Pursuing the so-called Apple of Temptation is a quest that drives many to extremes. "Eve, the path you've set us on!" Individuals are willing to compromise their integrity, chasing after material wealth to satisfy their desires and inflate their egos. What drives such pursuits? A craving for control, the allure of appearing superior, the quest for power,

and the chase for fleeting moments of pleasure. What's my take? If pursuing these gives you joy, then indulge and pay no heed to societal whispers!

Thus, the protagonist of this artwork boldly displays defiance; her gesture is a bold statement of autonomy and a challenge to societal judgments. The painting showcases a woman alongside a snake, symbols of both the allure of temptation and the power within.

Eve what have done by Liliya Mano

CHF 1'000.00Price
    • Technique: oil on canvas
    • Size: 60cm x 80cm 
    • Created in 2020

    The work is unique, with a collector's value and an original signature.

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