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The contrast between the girl's undraped figure and the genuine snake draped around her neck represents a peaceful union with nature, celebrating our openness and genuine selves. The girl's tranquil look reflects her absolute faith in the magnificent serpent, highlighting the deep-seated beauty of reciprocal respect and comprehension between creatures. Through this piece, I aimed to stir feelings of wonder and contemplation, urging observers to ponder the delicate equilibrium between human beings and the animal kingdom. By illustrating the girl's poised stance, I aimed to convey the power of embracing one's authentic identity without hesitation or doubt.

Jungle by Liliya Mano

CHF 1'500.00Price
    • Technique: oil on canvas
    • Size: 70cm x 80cm 
    • Created in 2020

    The work is unique, with a collector's value and an original signature.

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