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Four paintings, the main parts of the exhibition Till death do us part, are large, vertical works.

The 16:9 ratio is a heavy and rather uncommon format for canvas. Four paintings and four black screens, partly inspired by Black Mirror, partly by the real world. Four black screens: a phone, a tablet, a laptop and a TV. 

In this painting, a young woman is captured in the act of taking a selfie, her face obscured by the stark black screen of her smartphone. The phone stands in sharp contrast to the vibrant colors of her clothing and surroundings. The absence of her face, hidden by the device, reflects the loss of individuality and personal identity in the digital age. The background features abstract, swirling patterns that suggest the chaotic flow of social media feeds.

Girl, phone and a golden necklace by Aleksandra Cegielska

CHF 7'400.00Price
    • Technique: acrylic on canvas
    • Size: 100cm x 160cm (framed)
    • Created in 2024

    The work is unique, with a collector's value and an original signature.

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