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Humankind gets more and more enlightened everyday. Although enlightenment is always entwined with a benight.

As the artist continues to merge opposites, he gets into the middle of the contradicting ideas and depicts the spark that starts either understanding of disapproval — one's points- of- view.

Using bold and dark colours and wild brush strokes inspired from expressionism, the artist created nine art pieces to form the first collection of POINTS OF VIEW collection.

The paintings capture the idea quite literally and figuratively. Whether it is an enlightening quest or a muggy struggle that lies ahead always depend on which points-of-view someone is standing from.

The point-of-view is not only the ability to look at different angles of a story, case or subject.

It is a place. It is a crossroad.

The Hopeful by Arlo Jake Lagmay

CHF 850.00Price
    • Technique: acrlic on canvas 
    • Size: 50cm x 50cm
    • Created in 2023

    The work is unique, with a collector's value and an original signature.

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