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Human touch is a critical element in shaping social relationships, emotional well-being, and physiological health. Through our hands, we are able to touch

objects and other people, which can create a wide range of physical and emotional experiences. Touching someone's hand can communicate warmth, care, and intimacy, while holding someone's hand can provide comfort and support. Hands are also essential for nonverbal communication, as gestures and hand movements can convey meaning and emotions.

The power of touch by Aleksandra Cegielska

CHF 3'080.00Price
  • This painting is the part of The power of touch series. Aleksandra's pop-up art style delves into the intricacies of human touch on multiple levels, exploring the profound impact that it has on our lives. Her focus ranges from the significance of first and last touches to the nuances of romantic connections. Touch is a fundamental aspect of our interactions with others, and its meaning evolves at different stages of our lives. Aleksandra's work specifically highlights the importance of loving relationships, parent-child bonds, and couples, evoking deep emotional responses from the viewer.

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