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Story of a house on fire

In this series, the tension between figurative elements, naive scribbles and strong

graphic interventions provide a starting point to what is certainly one of the most

personal works of the artist. Story of a house on fire follows a linear and

chronological format of seven paintings. Traditional limits of the medium in use are

challenged and spontaneous actions are embraced in order to fully explore the

depths of the human condition.

Despite the feeling of continuity achieved through the use of similar elements,

colors and textures, there is a juxtaposition: figures rotate and transform

themselves, with it new details emerge and give way to new perspectives to the

story. Reflecting on the dialogue between life and death, the before and after, the

passing of time and the fading of the material, Jerusa Simone finds a way to

process recent events in her life.

Warnings by Jerusa Simone

    • Technique: mixed media on canvas
    • Size: 70cm x 90cm x 2cm
    • Created in 2022 

    The work is unique, with a collector's value and an original signature. 

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